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This is my version of Creative Mathematics.

I utilize documentations by my systems concepts of contemporary knowledge, science, and recognized or not so recognized History. I claim none of these interpretations are new but have been utilized only implicitly / explicitly. My systems outline(s) document these interpretations as explicit / more explicit. Omitted information in the Earthly and otherwise Knowledge systems(s) easily identifiable. Corresponding outcomes also realized. Mathematical availability of numeric object(s) 1,0 1 0r 0, 1+0, 1 and/or 0 as principal system numerics, makes parametrization of systems concepts with these variations. Such as uni-versal beginnings or endings, completeness, etc . Implied orderings or hierarchy need no longer be implied for such systems parameters. These principal numeric systems objects expressed in object(s) variation may enable a space science and space mathematics.

Zim Mathematics gives in outline form(s) systems interpretation of math object(s), art object(s), and knowledge object(s). Documenting tenets, concepts, origins, foundations with additional lawful logic of recognized knowledge. In past, present and future and systems context variations, combinations.

With my creative methodologies, of cartoons, Math Stories, games, Math Art, poetry etc., I have developed a mathematically dominant paradigm I term as the Systems and/or Sub Systems as expressed paradigm for all object and/or objects. Outlines of recognize-able knowledge topics within Systems outlines and concepts give unique perspectives to so called fundamentals of knowledge, science and Mathematics.

Zim Math states and documents that with the availability of 47 Billion universally applicable systems constructs to any math, art, or knowledge object(s), Systems analysis is essential to attain any measure of viability. Object(s) express-ability and variabilities will give more knowledge express-ability. AND this will give more domain space to Truth + Expression(s).

This Zim Mathematics Systems Math + Logic can serve as the Economic Engine of All Economic Engines. The idea of mathematical systems mining is now plausible. And in a typical creative moment of Zim’s, I saw this as providing a dominant System(s) weaponry with outcomes of principal / principle express-ability within principal / principle domains. Knowledge unit Knowledge mapping for systems express-ability as math option. … This outline serves also as a general system, principal, partial, and open domains measure of rationale. Systems Math documents “Jesus Walking on Water” easily as Mathematics documents 2 + 2 = 4.

Zim Mathematics: Mathematics with explicit systems interpretation is at least 10,000 years overdue. My systems outlines of recognized math object(s) quickly provides much needed additional perspectives to math knowledge and knowledge in general. I am known to tell others I expect Zim Math to be 100 percent successful, but on retrospection I think this is not quite accurate. And a more than 110 percent success rate is more true. This is explained with the abundant availability of systems interpretation content in my work which can be readily adapted to contemporary mathematics in unpredictable and incalculable ways. As a result, many amazing touchdowns will be made as an outcome of this content.

7:47 AM 3/8/2024 – ZMO

A System without Meaning?
Where any Metaphor would do.

Truth vs False
We do not pursue.

Truth + False,
Combine-able Systems.
Math Stories, Poetry and Metaphor,
Our Systems Tools.
Can transform any express-able object(s)
into one of a Fool.

Utility more the concern.
Question vs Answer,
One cannot discern.

One as outcome,
A manifest destination.
A summation, Irreverent. Not our tenet.

Combine-able expression(s),
A Poetic Permanence.
Truth Preservable,
with utility endurable.

Mathematics our knowledge,
Making us able,
Evident and Sustainable.

Truth within any domain,
Systems poetry, story, sane and/or insane.

This Journey and Destination,
A Uni-versal,
Systems Combination.

A Mathematical Compass,
Our Math Ability to save US.

Expression(s) Methods our futility,
Finiteness and Utility.

Principal Express-ability,
Our systems Capability AND Truth.

Determine-able thru Witness,
Self Evidence.

The system(s) Fruit,
No One/one dares refute.

Component(s) Combine-able
A Poetic Measure,
And an aesthetic pleasure.
The late Story we rate,
Determining our fate(s).

Combine-able Principal / Principle expression(s)
Our Principal Truth(s).

Express-ability AND Holy Principality.

The Analysis, Rationale and Principal Outcome,
A Holy Systems, Some AND Sum.

Complete Version in Contemporary Topics (102 Art Slides)

Reproductive Creation:

As Principal Expression(s)

An Object(s) source to “Soul”/Express-ability as viability.


As Transformation


As Functional Completion



As Creation


Thoughts on Education:

During my undergrad days it was discussed and known that students of Mathematics and Computer Science, along with Liberal Arts training such as Science, Arts etc. had sometimes a tendency to go over the edge on contemporary knowledge paradigms. Then as in my case, I am a reader and believer in Bible Principals / Principles… And was a little over the edge myself to start with. A Christian Biblical summary of education, “You can tell a Tree by its Fruit”

Universe Art – Zim Mathematics

Expression of Expression(s) = > Principle Non-Function

Every( ) Any ( + ) Some ( A ) Non ( )

Every( ) Any ( + ) Some ( B ) Non ( )


Every(A-B) Any ( + ) Some ( C ) Non (A-B)

This interpretation – variation may explain some of our contemporary viewpoints of our day. The intersections of functional context, identified behavior of concern and the intersections with an open domain are expressed as some pseudo A, B, C. Where any Expression of Expression(s) may give a principle open domain or give us a terminal event(s) and/or serie(s) that cannot be expressed.

Zim Olson and Zim Mathematics – We are all fighting the fallen World with fallen weaponry. I see no winners. Genesis of the Bible.

Zim Math Introduction

Zim Math Systems Concepts

Features of interest of this expression(s) outline below: The expressed sequence of “seven” days have omitted information. The Day(s) are expressed as a principal function. The Holy Seven Day Mathematics takes form as a complete principal variation-functional expression(s) of these “seven days”. Full principal develop-ability and math and logic, is assumed with this completely expressed outline. This result contrasts with a purely additive functionality of the seven days, which would not give complete develop-ability. Mathematically or otherwise.

Thought for the day: Quantity as Stuff Units? Object(s) as partial systems.

Zim Olson – Denver Colorado USA

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