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12:38 AM 6/27/2024 -Listening now. (Bob George Ministries) You may be pleased I agree with everything you say. As I tell Ruth, wife, you can’t get to heaven by being right all the time. It just won’t happen.

670 AM KLTT is my favorite radio news, info, Christian source.

However, when listening to TBN recently I came up with this phraseology of Bible and posted on LinkedIn and then my web site www . zimmathematics .com . After posting I received 3,000 clicks in 30 minutes.

This post phrase of Bible is / was:

Zim Olson and Zim Mathematics – We are all fighting the fallen World with fallen weaponry. I see no winners. Genesis of the Bible.

9:05 PM 4/13/2024 – Question AND/Or Answer for AI: “What do you Know about stupidity?” Is there a possibility of Stupidity within the proposed AI B-X?

What was the original Stupid Behavior? Most likely some form of “Intelligence”.

Which is the dominant behavior? Stupidity or Intelligence? AND why? What reasons, reasoning does AI provide for not achieving Omniscience?

Is there awareness of partial systems expressions within AI?

6:38 AM 3/8/2024 – I foresee a GREAT China Boycott in near future. AND a California Boycott as well. … My next computer will be made in the USA. And I will start looking more closely at Ford Motor Company. 7:24 PM 3/22/2024 – We sold our Toyota, and bought a Ford today!!!

5:12 PM 2/22/2024 – In my spare moments today I pondered diversifying and including in my Zim Mathematics content additional subject matter. I have been pondering the utility of Stuff, Stuff Science, theory and even stuff religious content. And in my own mind have made significant advances for Human knowledge and understanding. But I thought it would be helpful for this all to pursue understanding and knowledge of Vegetables.

First of all there is a need to know the origins and History of Vegetables. An understanding and epistemology of Vegetable Words. Spiritual implications Also of importance. Where were vegetables in creation. They are hardly mentioned. A k-12 orientation program to this neglected knowledge should be implemented ASAP. Eventually we will need to implement this in Higher Education, Advanced Vegetable Studies. Such as the Vegetable Rationale, Vegetable Analysis, and of course the VEGETABLE Outcome.

5:47 AM 12/18/2023

Quote from Church Sign: Who cares if you win the Rat race and you’re still a Rat!

What is significance of being King of the Hill, If the hill is just another pile of beans. Just another road to know-where.

Pedophilia as serious crime vs. the state of corruption in Justice system!

6:35 AM 12/15/2023 – Right and/or Wrong within Principal vs Principle expression(s) paradigms. One a justification via Self Evidence and one a Justification via Pseudo Metrics.

6:00 AM 12/15/2022 – Expression of Expression(s) = > Principle Non-Function

Every( ) Any ( + ) Some ( A ) Non ( )

+ Every( ) Any ( + ) Some ( B ) Non ( )


Every(A-B) Any ( + ) Some ( C ) Non (A-B)

A terminal event(s) and/or serie(s) that cannot be expressed.

9:26 AM 11/3/2023 – “Where does Stuff come from”. I mean REALLY. Is there some divine or principal “uni-versal” design? Or does it just happen like you read on the bumper stickers.

5:41 AM 10/26/2023 – I think what we are experiencing across the information, news networks would be better characterized as Creative News, Creative Information, or News Art and Information Art. Not any sort of News or Information that I grew up with. Not to be confused with Stuff Art or Creative Stuff, which is strictly an omission of information methodology. Some individuals are not aware of these differences in News/Information and are confused. Like myself, when they are not “spelled” out.

10/24/2023 – 670 AM KLTT, Real Science Radio: My thoughts from this show and the following show on “talking in tongues” or creative language that is then successfully interpreted. Then thoughts of Zim Olson; Principalities One AND/Or Zero as expression(s) of expression(s) formulized, with Quantitative and/or Qualitative constructs, Cx / Xc. Constant Unit Unknown and Unknown Unit Constant. Hopefully revealing unrealized relationships of Quantity and Quality. I foresee possibilities in applications and understandings of math from this content.

Examples: Xc * Xc => Cx; Cx/Xc=>Xc/Cx; Cx*Cx=>Xc

Note: This work in notations of Cx and/or Xc were generated during my time in Denver in 1984. My successful interpretations of this notation at that time were limited. I see this current interpretation as a breakthrough in this regard.

11:37 PM 10/22/2023 – Crawford KLTT 670 Now – Jewish Voice:

Question: Credibility? Israel has one of the best “intelligence” in the world – What happened to Israeli intelligence re onset of this current war? Almost as bad as US intelligence, our media intelligence as well. I ponder this fact often. Thanks for giving an opportunity to share.


2:26 AM 10/4/2023 – In my best estimation, Zim Mathematics will be 100 percent successful. But this is not entirely true to myself either. My best estimate is that Zim Math will be 110 percent or more successful, as a genuine mathematics it holds a large measure of develop-ability / reducibility that is not predictable or calculable.

2:08 AM 10/2/2023 – 670 AM KLTT. “The Greater Context”. is per Zim Math also the Least Context. Every(1,0) Any(1,0) Some (1,0) Non(1,0)

6:23 AM 9/25/2023 – A Contemporary Sanity Quotient for our Woke freinds: Case in Point, what if our Famous Fuher Freind had ever bothered to Father Future “Fuher” children. And what if per some remote chance they didn’t quite turn out as expected. He may have been too busy rewriting his famous books to start World War II.

1:05 AM 9/25/2023 – The Uni-verse / Creation: Product of expression of expression(s) analysis and methodologies. Giving us analysis of “backwards”, “upside down” representations. The domain of outcomes is pseudo calculated. A partial system domain / methodology and outcome. Analysis, rationale, of our Creator as a complete expression(s) of principal object(s) will return principal knowledge object(s) and principal express-ability.

Choice: Choice expression(s) vs Choose G-d, express as 1 AND/Or 0

Freedom – As Systems Express-ability vs Systems Equity – gives Greater Good and Greater Bad. Requiring a real, lawful, democratic Government.

1:09 AM 9/19/2023 – Bob Enyart Live. Listening now 670 AM KLTT SE Denver – The Question: Is Satan Real? Of course Satan is Real. So is Stuff, So is Science, So is Stupidity.

We live in a world of corrupt, fallible kingdom of intelligence. We as in all of us utilize this corrupt methodology of so called intelligence.

Jesus quite aware of this gave us a Principal kingdom. of salvation from this fallen sin system. Jesus as Father, Son, Holy ghost documents himself as the way, the truth and life. Or our rationale, analysis, AND outcome. This principal expression, expressed gives us a principal outcome. For all identified object/object(s), expressed/non-expressed, Everything else leads to nowhere, hell, or a terminal partial series/event(s) . Good night. Zzzz.

1:43 AM 9/11/2023 – Medicine via Social Media, Internet, TV, Radio, Freinds in general etc. is terrible. Although I find the Medical Model as professed by many MD professionals is also questionable a real MD in person professional is where I begin medical care.

1:43 AM 9/11/2023 – Bible Discussion I had: “Female/Male properties mathematically represented as percentages”. Zim Math, “I am not some apple pie, or portions of a pie”. Nor could some apple pie be the “Way, Truth, or Life” and some acceptance of an apple pie show me the way to eternal life.

4:53 AM 9/2/2023 – Zim Math and Systems Concepts put all so called claimed divergent paradigms on the Mathematical Map.

7:24 PM 7/30/2023 – A possible explanation for the incredible belief systems arising in our country. I heard somewhere in our Great internet info system that now days the majority of High School graduates do not possess grade school proficiency levels of Mathematics.

3:41 AM 7/9/2023 – Listening to Real Science Radio on KLTT.... Zim Mathematics: True Statement “Psychology is Satanic”. Also a True Statement / Zim Math, “Science as Expressed is Witchcraft”.

You might ask, How can this be so true? True Statements do not give Truth. Methodologies of Expression of Expression(s) are a corrupt and fallen methodologies. They return only non-exprress-able, terminal event(s)/serie(s). A heavenly/earthly knowledge system can be returned with Principal and/or Principal open domain express-abilies and methodologies. zimmathematics . com .

7:21 AM 5/26/2023 – Thought for today: Foundations of Pseudo Qualitative logic. There are none. “If George Washington could do it, So can Zim” ? “It don’t mean I am AND it don’t mean I am not” ZMO.

12:44 AM 5/23/2023 – Mathematics as the tool of definition vs metaphor. Math not a limiting or defining tool, more like a tool of possibility. Thoughts before beginning of a presentation on Definitions Art, Math Mining Methods.

12:38 AM 5/23/2023 – Definitions within Systems Math Framework? A functional context, function and domain for any given stated object(s). (This is before my morning cup of coffee)

12:13 AM 5/20/2023 – Intelligence / Intelligent: As 1 AND/Or 0; as expressed / non-expressed; for object and/or object(s)

6:19 AM 3/27/2023 – Mathematics as Expression(s) Viability or Expression(s) develop-ability / reducibility viability. General Language as application viability.

Language/Communication: Every(A-Z) Any (A) Some(A-Z) Non (A-Z)

Mathematics / Expression Viability: Every(A-Z) Any (+) Some (1) Non (A-Z ) Every(A,B,C) Any (+) Some (1) Non (A-Z) / Every(X,Y,Z) Any (+) Some (1) Non (A-Z)

12:46 PM 3/20/2023 – Universal health care coverage gives the profession of upper business management the opportunity of earning a good name. Where this is not just some Marxist ideology and goal doomed to economic collapse, but where general population health can be turned into general economic wealth & profitability. I have never managed much on my own. Mostly my own personal business and Mathematics. My father in his later years considered Management his chosen field of employment.

As a consumer rep to Colorado Access Medicaid for many years, I told them when they informed us at a consumer meeting that Colorado Access was providing services to many times more members within the same budget, that this was indeed an honorable goal if it could be realistically achieved.

12:23 AM 3/17/2023 – Origins to “Christian daily Work Ethic” where you can create object(s) greater than self, as expressed by/with Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Jesus – New Testament – “Even you can do greater things”. Listening to KLTT 670 AM.

2:22 AM 3/15/2023 – Earthly-Pseudo Knowledge: _ , As Expressed.

9:28 AM 3/11/2023 – Systems Equalities – Problem Equalities vs. Answer Equalities.

3:29 AM 2/26/2023 – Listening to Real Science Radio – 670 AM KLTT

Mathematics vs Prose (Metaphor)

Evidence (Mathematical) of Creation as Viable Expression(s) of Principal object(s) One. Is this the Creator G-d Evidence. A discussion maybe more for poets / theologians. Evidence of other Math expression(s) and origin(s) as well. As Pseudo origins give partial systems expression(s).

DNA as System and /or Sub System(s) as expressed object(s) could bear much fruit (“Jesus”) Mathematically, Poetically, Theological, and EVEN Scientific.

7:40 AM 2/18/2023 – As I explained to my wife the other day. We all or will have to cover our behavior on planet Earth with the open domain (Holy Spirit). And this is without exception. I think Jesus did this as well.

7:30 AM 2/18/2023 – From Zim Math headquarters in Denver Colorado USA, my perception is that a significant portion of the contemporary political left, view Zim Mathematics as largely acceptable. The documentation of their error or at least incomplete presentation of their views, is self-evident.

3:56 AM 2/13/2023 Definition Art: Satan – Equalities of Object(s), A Man-infestation as Principle-One giving terminal event(s)/serie(s). An expression System of Omitted Info, said to not exist. For 2023 case in point, See Below ….

Math Art of Adam eating Apple in G-d’s Garden. Assuming G-d’s dominion of Expression of expression(s). End Result in 2023 !

6:05 PM 2/12/2023 – Science is known for “worshiping” the Creation. Their domain of worship subsequently is a calculated pseudo Open Domain. Mank-kind has adopted this methodology as valid approach to meaning/knowledge. Science ends up giving us Stuff knowledge, Man kind receive a stuff return in the end as well.

Functional distinction(s) in principal and / or principle rationale essential to a principal and/or principle outcome.

6:56 AM 1/22/2023 – “CHOICE” ART – ( 1 Or 0 ) The Point is, and the Mathematical and system(s) points are: “CHOICE”; there are many Math and Systems context to the use of this term. When used in legal or any arguments without reference to these wide uses of CHOICE or any symbolic, physical, moral, quantitative, qualitative statements, we are saying absolutely nothing. And consequently, we are all very unproductive.

12:51 AM 11/21/2022 Belief in Gravity vs. Belief in Jesus: You need a System and/or Sub System Dictionary for this one also.

Electrical charges and induction – Listening 670 AM KLTT , I said to myself. I bet anything I can do a quick number on this with Zim Mathematics – System(s) math.

Per Zim Math: Science utilizes entirely, implicitly / explicitly, expressions of expressions of object(s) as systems.. Such as / Science electrical charge would be some. Every( )Any(+)Some() Non( ) Every( )Any(+)Some( ) Non( ) . Electrical charge as expressed / Zim Systems Math

1:01 AM 10/7/2022 – Just finished Listening to Bob Enyart Live. Mr Enyart I hear passed away from Covid. I am sorry. Thank you for this program tonight anyway. Jesus tells us you can tell a tree by its fruit. Alluding to this difficulty you mention in determining a true believer / belief. Per Zim / Zim Math.: All this stuff we hear about is so called true. But maybe having nothing to do with truth. Per Bible: Jesus is the father, son , and holy ghost… And the way, the truth and life. …. He who belives in me can do as I and have eternal life…. Per Zim / Zim Math: Jesus and his given Math principality gives us “The Analysis, Rationale, and outcome” . I suggest this Math Principality as One AND/Or _0 as expressed for all Object(s). AND as providing us this Analysis, Rationale, AND Outcome. Perhaps this needs fine tuning to provide the required Fruit. Evidence AND/Or Faith a method utilized for this in past. Material evidence only one portion of fruit expression in Zim Math. Jesus returning should be considered within a complete Principal / Principle expression(s). Otherwise your talking more stuff. Jesus gave us principal and principal open domain express-ability making all such stated object(s) feasible. A good measure for the fruit and tree test.

670 AM KLTT Real Science – 1:40 AM 10/5/2022 – Reality? Good Question I guess. Physical Reality? Math Reality. Qualitative Based. Numeric Based. . Maybe a fool did create the universe? Another GREAT Question. I choose the Jesus Principality for much of my understanding as a Mathematical Principality. I have a YouTube Channel as well:. “I am the rationale, analysis and outcome”. I have a section on Creative Origen Jokes myself. VERY amusing. At least to myself. Zim

8/1/20122 1230 AM -670 AM KLTT SE Denver: Yes I am listening. I still say Scientists pick and choose from their more disciplined partner Mathematics…. And thus we have the Stuff outcome. In the beginning there was Jesus, and Math I guess. And they came to dwell among us. As an alternative to origins to intelligence, systems math enables origins to stupidity. Worth looking into I think. Tuesday flying off to Philadelphia for Math Fest, Booth 215. Science may be real, but so is “Stuff”.

5/2/2022 Einstein and Friends are not Mathematicians: My Math professors would tell students time and physics are simply applications and paradigms. Per Zim Mathematics these are another pseudo, partial variation of complete, partial, open system Express-ability. Only.

6:16 AM 3/26/2021 Ancient Greek philosophers taught us that Humanity possesses ownership of Universal Intelligence capabilities. They were never able to tell us this includes Humanities capability and Ownership of Universal stupidity .

5/26/2022 Jesus was not a conservative. I don’t consider myself a conservative either. I am NOT a non-conservative either.

One of my favorite Question / Answers is that “Gravity is not a law of G-d”, “Gravity can be easily identified as another variation of partial system expression(s).

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