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Zim Olson lived the first 15 years of his life with his brother, sister, Mom and Dad, in Livonia Michigan a suburb of Detroit Michigan. Our family lived in what was described in those days as a middle-class environment. We were all brought up and attended the nearby Rosedale Garden’s Presbyterian church during this time. At the age of 14 or 15 I began a yearlong study program at our church of reading and studying the Bible with an elder of the church. Later in the year my father found he was to be transferred to Mexico D.F., Mexico to work for AutoMex for two years. The elder at the church quickly wrapped up our yearlong Bible Study Program and Zim (Kim) was awarded the G-d and Country award given for this study. A few years ago, I contacted Rosedale Gardens Presbyterian Church and gave them full credit for the Content of Zim Mathematics to this day.

Our Christian walk as family and otherwise seemed to be placed on hold. No one in our family attended any church I am aware of during remaining years in public school and even later in College. I started school at the University of Michigan in fall of 1972. I had very little contact with a Christian religion during this time. I suspect my stay at the university was numbered from the beginning, as I liked it too much.

I had a nervous breakdown in my fourth semester. I became homeless, hitchhiking around the country, and then hospitalized in an institution in the summer of 1976. I had won the PRIZE and was given the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. I managed to complete my Bachelors of Science in Computers and Mathematics, sometime after being released, in 1979 at Oakland University in Rochester Michigan. The medications of the time were sheer brutality.

I found it difficult to maintain employment, and was awarded Social Security Disability in 1985. I entered a Grazy non-profit mental health clinic in 1989 in Denver Colorado called CHARG Resource Center. I have been a client and member there ever since this time. Almost half of my entire life. A friend there introduced me to my wife Ruth at CHARG, and Ruth and I were married in 1991. Ruth has a very strong background in the Christian faith which I immediately accepted. Her lifelong habits of church going, bible reading and study, praying, singing, tithing etc., have played a strong part in the subsequent direction in my life. … I attempted to dabble in my chosen field of Creative Mathematics during this long time. The medications of the day seemed to hinder more than help with this effort. After some years, another CHARG friend told me of some new medications in 2002. Dr Alan Fine put me on one of them.

My mathematics took on entirely new flavors and colors. I have been exhibiting my work at Regional and National Math meetings almost every year. There has been pitifully little argument at these meetings on the efficacy and value of my content displayed there. I sent discs of my content to the Department of Defense this year. In a letter I described my content as providing Mathematics of Biblical Principal / Principle express-ability and logic for any identified object(s) within expression / non-expressions domains. Making the historical dominance of the tree of knowledge and good and evil (expressions of expressions), no longer a dominant intelligent methodology for mankind and earth. The enemy for the US Dept of Defense could easily be identified as Satan. Systems concepts, terms with Math and Logic provided in Zim Math enable freezing H-ll on Earth, until Earth / Heaven appears. This same message was given 2,000 years ago, some of us did not get this message.

Zim Mathematics – A Brief Synopsis

I point out that contemporary Mathematics utilizes the Systems Concepts I outline in my work, throughout recognized History and otherwise. I also document well enough that mathematicians have utilized these system concepts purely on a pick and choose basis to meet their personal criteria of interest. As I mention in my web page of contemporary commentary at Zimmathematics.com I can document quickly at least 47 billion universally applicable system concepts to any identified object/object(s). Obviously this leaves us with a very poor Mathematical methodology. And not helpful in producing the develop-able and/or reducible knowledge we seek to our recognized expressions / non-expressions and their domains. This systems documentation, as knowledge consisting of expressions of expression(s), or expression(s)/Non-expression(s) clearly documents the perceived behavior of object(s) within the contemporary Time, Symbolic, Knowledge, Images, and other constructs as paradigms. I document the historical use of numeric principal express-ability which has given us some sense of systems ten-ability. Other mathematics principalities as documented in New Testament and/or Old Testament of Bible describe additional outcomes to these recognized constructs and paradigms. The Principality of 1 AND/Or 0 as expressed for any, all object and/or object(s), for example. The original methodology of Science can be shown as based on the Renaissance methods of Faith AND/Or Evidence. All this and 18 GB more of my original work can be found at zimmathematics.com.

6/5/2022 – I wanted to tell the Pastor today as he spoke in church, that I do indeed take my life VeRy seRiouSly. Which makes me think of this Story about my life growing up with my family of origin. A typical week might consist of attending Public School during the weekdays (We actually considered our School Genuine then). My brother and I would watch Saturday Cartoons 6 AM to Noon. Sunday, we had church for about an hour. Later in life my brother confided to me his favorite cartoon characters were The Road Runner, The Coyote, and the Tazmanian Devil. For those of you who don’t know, a typical scene with these characters may be The Coyote zipping around the countryside holding a stick of dynamite in search of the Road Runner. He may stop looking around for the Road Runner and the Road Runner would appear out of no where with a match and light the stick of dynamite and go “Beep Beep” and zip away. The Coyote would stand there dazed till the dynamite exploded….. I told my brother I liked “Tweety Bird”. Tweety Bird was known for saying very dumb things like “I thought I saw a putty cat”. But getting the better of the cat somehow. … Some people may be aware that a favorite math method for proof, is to laboriously document an apparently trivial proof, and then show quickly the major implications of the so called Trivial proof. I consider myself to have done very well with this methodology.

Zim (Kim) and Grandfather Dewey Olson

My Testimonies in Text Format 6:29 AM 9/17/2021

Jesus – Trinity as Expressed

Jesus Life and/or Death as described in New Testament of the Bible documents available mathematics of “The Truth, The Way and The Life” as talked of in Bible by Jesus, enabling m-nkind ownership of the Earth / Heaven Kingdom. Where all the recognized system components within contemporary dominion are express-able as the Jesus Principality 1 AND/Or 0. This makes all Principal object(s) as stated, feasible.

Like I told a guy at the Bus stop yesterday, ” We all have answers, but are always forgetting the question” and ” Everybody is right, because everybody is also always wrong”, so then what are you supposed to do? and “Jesus has the Answer/ Question”. See you all at Sunday Service…. At the same bus stop I recently talked to a retired captain of a submarine stationed during the Iraq war. This has inspired me to send out emails to Math Departments of Universities throughout US with my presentations introducing my work attached in PDFs. … I declined an offer to enlist in Air Force by a recruiter in 1975. Reflecting on this afterward I thought I would do better on my own.

Zacharias asked me after Ruth’s Bible study today, “How is your church doing?”. I told my wife, Susan, and Zacharias, “You can run, but you cannot hide. You cannot hide behind, Science, Education, Government, Finances, Religion”. So come out from under your rock and come to church.

G-d gives us Principal Heavenly images and information. However no basis of any kind of pseudo equality is given here. Jesus enables a pseudo Earthly and Heavenly express-ability.

Does it make sense to ask this question; How do you know you can add two and two and get four? For anything. With Zim Mathematics it is documented that all object(s) express-able as principal object(s) one and/or zero, are feasible. Giving new rule, If you don’t want to know, don’t ask.

A Better or Dominant express-able object(s) no longer of relevance to anyone or anything.

Religious Discussion at Dinner in El Fuerte, Mexico.

After waiting long time for dinner at restaurant, it was finally served. I said to us at the table, it is good we believed and accepted in Dinner, or we may not have gotten this dinner. And It is important to believe in important things. Like dinner. Others had frown on their faces. Dad tried to control his smile. I thought I would add that many consider desert a debatable matter, however. After dinner we all ordered desert. We had flaming banana and chocolate crepes! No complaints about desert either.

All those flies could be right and actually know a way, and truth giving eternal life and Salvation! But I don’t know how either? NASA may not always be the Babylonian Nimrods of modern era and actually someday determine a Principal outcome/destination. Science may give up conjuring true statements and actually realize Truth from the True Vine. Maybe Humanity will stop using Beelzebub as their dictionary source and utilize the Father, Son and Holy ghost for their understanding. Science as Expressed, is glorified Witchcraft. Tarzan should not be the only one concerned about finding the “True Vine”! … Sunday Service(s) every Sunday. Jesus said “You can tell a tree by its fruit”

At the bus stop for the #21, there is an advertisement promoting a recognized faith stating ” We are all from the same vine and all the fruit and leaves of this” . Last night I realized this is a very well recognized and also very true statement. All Earth and all on Earth are G-d’s creation and we are all some image(s) of this creation of G-d. And we are all destined for the same proverbial toilet as this recognized creation has or will end up in. Although G-d provides us an excellent source of information, this source does not provide sufficient information for principal/heaven AND Earth knowledge paradigms.

Waiting for the #40 bus I spotted one of the ads on the bus which was obviously government sponsored. They were using mathematical terms to support their point. My immediate reaction was that the government should be banned from using mathematical terms as well as religious terms. If for no other reason than their evidenced chronic misuse of these concepts and terms. Violating the well known separations of the church and state by using principal and/or partial and/or open domains implicitly and explicitly to justify their rationales, laws & initiatives… Now our Government(s) push a pseudo sexual equality and another answer with out the question for our pseudo expressed friends

“It seems to me the Jewish segment believes they can figure it all out, as they have access to the “Source”, which they do. They may not be concerned or even believe in a heaven or hell. Jesus knew better, as it is clearly apparent to many of us, humanity is going know where and are in a direct route to hell. Many in those days thought Jesus was a little Meshuga or crazy. Jesus may have thought this is true, but that these people are thousands of times more meshuga than he was. Jesus as Savior, gave us the necessary information to attain eternal life or principal express-ability on Earth/Heaven.”

The Judeo knowledge methodology gave us the principal expression of expression(s) (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil), Humanities contemporary source to viable information. This has resulted in more information than Earth can utilize. Jesus observed 2,000 years ago with expressions of expression(s) of expression(s) that as Moses noted in the old testament, this was nothing but a minor variation in mankind’s prior utilizations of Tree of Knowledge and Good and Evil, producing same old results of terminal serie(s)/event(s) as expressed. Yeshua made available Principal/Principle knowledge.

An important message I receive from the Bible and Jesus Ministry as described in the New Testament, comes from the Historical context of when this was all written. Israel was currently under conquest by the Romans, after a long conquest by the Babylonians centuries prior. Greek knowledge and philosophy prevalent but clearly falling short and looked like it was not going to get anybody where they needed to go. The Jewish Pharisees didn’t appear to be getting any wiser or smarter over the centuries. Any body taking a moment to regard any of this could figure, no body or anything is getting off the planet alive, as expressed. Knowledge systems weren’t going to do it!

“An apparent concern I hear on Christian TV and Radio is a discrepancy between the Old testament / New testament. Old / New covenant. And any relevance to male/female issues as pertains to our contemporary political climate. I hear quantitative verbality with content that old is not relevant to new covenant. Is “Obsolete” etc. This is not explaining the covenant of Jesus as I understand it. G-d/Jesus is said to be able raise children of Abraham from the Rocks. He has made available to Earth/Mankind Functional AND for any object and/or object(s). Those talking of an obsolete covenant are talking about something else or another partial outcome and the same curse in different form.”

The pseudo political notions of I am real, you are real, we all must be real provides no value or value of reality. The only political measure of reality is provided by the Uni-versal Freedoms and express-ability as stated in the US Constitution.

Jesus as the Trinity as other forms or object(s) has no basis in principal express-ability. Another Jesus has basis in only an ownership of this and pseudo or partial express-ability, otherwise known as the source to the Anti Christ.

Jesus took ownership & name on Earth within Principal Express-ability only, or as the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Our savior, healer, counselor, etc.

Systems Principal Ownership Name For Jesus

Every()Any()Some()Non()(1,0) = _.

Every()Any()Some()Non()(1,0) =_,_.

Every()Any()Some()Non()(1,0) =_, _ ,_.

Systems Earthly Ownership of Names.

Every()Any()Some()Non() (_) = Joe(A-Z).

Every()Any()Some()Non() (_, _) = Joe(A-Z).

Every()Any()Some()Non() (_, _,_) = Joe(A-Z).

I Mailed the US Department of Defense, Secretary of Defense my Zim Mathematics Introductions and Complete Content in Blu Ray and DVD discs. In a letter to them I said “In this content I have given you a thousand years of ammunition.” The US and allies may have kicked Hitler’s butt and the Japan Rising Sun in 1945. But the real enemy was left standing, alive and well, Satan. As described in the Bible by Jesus, Paving the road to Heaven after Freezing H-ll over on Earth is our primary and principal goal available to Humanity. Fleshing the Bible Documentation with Zim Mathematics is a very useful outcome of my work.

Jesus life on Earth is said in the Bible to have paid the debt of Humanity’s sin, Historical/Non-Historical. This can be Mathematically documented as the completed (Paid) Partial Knowledge Systems (Debt) utilized by Mankind, Historical/Non-Historical. This Partial Knowledge system (Debt) as expressed gives a Earth sin system with corresponding outcomes of series/events. The completed or paid debt by Jesus enabled a Human knowledge system of Principal express-ability. Completely expressed Heavenly AND/Or Earthly Life of Jesus enabled for Humanity ownership of Heaven AND Earthly Knowledge Kingdom as Principal Object(s); 1,0, 1+0, 1AND/Or 0. The Life and/or Death example of Jesus on Earth / Heaven, documented in the Bible the availability of Math and Logic of an Earth/Heaven knowledge kingdom. Thus, the dominance, dependence, and dominion of the Earth’s principal intelligence methodologies stemming from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (expression of expressions), was broken.

Jesus took earthly ownership only, as Principal Express-ability within all express-able domains. Giving a principal life/non-life. The only Earth and/or Heaven Truth machine ever, was Jesus. Showing a path of express-ability to Earth/Heaven.

I have not witnessed any Truth machines floating around Earth in my 65 years to-date. Some GREAT preachers, sermons, healers, deliverance ministers, Zim Mathematicians, NO Truth Machines however. No need. Yeshua did all this. No more Additional Truth / Truth Machines needed or of any usefulness.

In the Bible Apostle Paul spoke often on the importance of protecting and building the Church. Jesus spoke more often on importance of organizing and building Earthly/Heavenly express-ability, the availability of Truth on Earth/Heaven.

Zim Math documents Jesus on Earth AND Heaven as principal object(s) 1=0=1+0 making every object and/or object(s) express-able as such. This also enables object(s) express-able as complete systems AND or + giving Jesus as Lord, Ruler, Judge, Warrior on Earth as described in Revelations of the Bible.

Zim Olson and Zim Mathematics; PO Box 22161; Denver Colorado 80222 USA


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